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Plesk Premium Addons

Juggernaut Security and Firewall

Juggernaut features an SPI firewall, brute-force protection, real-time connection tracking, intrusion detection, dynamic block lists, statistics and reporting, Modsecurity auditing, country blocking, Cloudflare support, and more cutting-edge technology to handle your security needs – all in one security extension

Sentinel Anti-malware latest
  • Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif">With Sentinel Anti-malware, you get the open source standard for anti-malware scanning from Linux Malware Detect and ClamAV combined with a user friendly web interface designed specifically for the Plesk control panel.
    $60.00 USD
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RKHunter Interface (Plesk)
  • RKHunter Interface for Plesk gives you the opportunity to harness the complete power of rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) on Plesk Servers. This interface scans backdoors, rootkits, malicious files and local exploits on your servers that are sometimes left undetected by web-application firewalls and the like. RKHunter Interface for Plesk scans and detects

Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection

With Warden Anti-spam and Virus protection, you get the best of both worlds. Open source standards for mail scanning from SpamAssassin
and ClamAV® combined with deep integration with the Plesk control panel.

Plesk Premium Email, powered by Kolab 10000 users

Plesk Premium Email, powered by Kolab, is a secure and advanced groupware solution featuring e-mail, calendars, contacts, file management, tasks and notes. Plesk Premium Email is the ideal groupware solution for all users who want or need a high level of privacy and control


Limit access to your hosting by country or bot
The Deny-country plugin allows you to limit general access to your website or to a specific file by the countries you choose. You can also limit bot access. The plugin acts on the files managed by apache (it will not limit files served by nginx).


ImunifyAV - an intelligent antivirus and security monitoring tool for websites with one-click automatic malware cleanup, domains reputation monitoring and blacklist status check With ImunifyAV you can Give your customers complete, automated security to combat viruses, adware, spyware, trojans, and worms

Plesk Email Security

Email Security at your fingertips!Cyber threats? Spam? A thing of the past! Managing spam and viruses is one of the most used features when hosting email. Invest in the Plesk Email Security offering to protect your business from the expanding cyber threat landscape, and mitigate damages inflicted upon your business. The new Plesk Email Security extension gives spam and viruses no chance!

Limit FTP

This extension for Plesk gives you the possibility to deny or limit FTP access on a domain to a specific IP. It’s particularly useful when users do not plan to do any changes on their website. The extension also allows server administrators to limit the bandwidth of the FTP service

DoS Deflate Interface

(D)DoS Deflate Interface is a lightweight shell script that aids in mitigating DDoS attacks automatically.
Our script runs in the background and blocks IP addresses from which connections exceed the configured threshold and will skip white listed
Country wise blocking, it is easy to block incoming connections from multiple country IP to secure your server from brute force attacks.The Admin-Ahead (D)DoS Deflate Interface plugin for Plesk provides an easy way to install and a GUI to configure this tool.

Firewall Interface

We know that Plesk has its own Firewall module, but something like APF & CSF will definitely make your life easier when it comes to firewall management. Every Install of our Plugin will load a custom ruleset to your firewall that you can manage from inside your Plesk Panel.
Interface will automatically redirects to the respective installed firewall.
A GUI interface to manage the APF & CSF firewall from the plesk interface itself
Add rule within the interface.
Edit the configuration from the interface.
Add and edit inbounb, outbound TCP & UDP ports from the interface.
ON/OFF the firewall whenever from the interface.

Collabora Online 10000 users

Collabora Online is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office that supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, which integrates with Plesk Premium Email.
Key features are collaborative editing and excellent office file format support.
Integrates with Plesk Premium Email
Collabora Online allows you to edit documents collaboratively directly from within Plesk Premium Email.
Please note that Collabora Online can not be used standalone.
Key features
View and edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations & more
Collaborative editing features
Long Term Support and signed security updates
Works in any modern browser – no plugin needed
Open Source
Plesk Premium Email integration

Plesk License

Plesk Web Host Edition
for Web Hosters to customize, provision, and manage hosting businesses. Get maximum flexibility, access to the domain management tools, and the full WordPress Toolkit to support your multi-tenant, “install anything” business model.

Plesk ubuntu License

Plesk Web Host Edition
for Web Hosters to customize, provision, and manage hosting businesses. Get maximum flexibility, access to the domain management tools, and the full WordPress Toolkit to support your multi-tenant, “install anything” business model.
Domains and Use Case
Up to 10 domains
Up to 30 dom

LMD Manager

Seek out threats in your hosting environment from your Plesk interface with our all new Linux Malware Detect Manager extension.
You can now effortlessly scan your Plesk VPS or hosting server to extract malware that is actively being used in attacks and keep your environment clean.
LMD Manager is now using MD5 file hashes and HEX pattern matching signatures, which makes it easy to export any number of detection tools such as ClamAV