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cPShield-v2 (cPanel)

This cPanel plugin comes with an exclusive license for use in Virtual Servers and Dedicated servers. Along with the GUI to manage Linux Malware Detect(LMD), RKHunter, Advanced Policy Firewall(APF) and Brute Force Detection (BFD) cPShield-v2 brings you Malware scanning, monitoring and quarantining, Mail queue monitoring and management, SSH Hardening, IP reputation check and essential server statistics with email alert notifications

(D)DoS Mitigator (cPanel)

(D)DoS Deflate is a light weight option that aides in mitigating (D)DoS attacks automatically. The mitigator listener runs in the background and blocks IP addresses from which connections exceed the configured threshold. The Admin-Ahead DDoS mitigator plugin for cPanel/WHM provides an easy way to install and a GUI to configure this tool. Our plugin provides the following features making it easier for you to install and manage the too

Linux Malware Detect Manager (cPanel)

Seek out threats on your shared hosted environment from your WHM interface with our A-AST Linux Malware Detect cPanel/WHM plugin. You can now effortlessly scan your cPanel VPS or shared host to extract malware that is actively being used in attacks, and keep your environment clean

RKHunter Interface (cPanel)

Security scanning and management is made a lot easier with this popular RKHunter WHM plugin. Say goodbye to all shell activity. With just a click, this plugin helps you to install RKHunter on your server, run a server scan to identify rootkits, detect vulnerabilities, and view the results as well with ease from your WHM area